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This is the official website of the government of the City Thompson Falls, located in Sanders County, Montana. This site provides information about departments, meetings, legislation, regulations, community resources, and paying utilities online.

City of Thompson Falls

Welcome to the City of Thompson Falls’ Online Utility Payment System

How do I pay my bill online?

Click on the "pay bills" buttons.
1. Please add the 3% convenience fee to your payment amount.
2. Fill Out the form below.
3. Enter Your Credit Card Information. Ensure your information is correct and complete before pressing "Continue".
4. Verify Payment Amount. Make sure this is what you want to pay on this account plus the 3% convenience fee. Click the "Continue" button.
5. Print your receipt. This is optional, but recommended. Press the Print icon on your browser toolbar for a copy of your transaction.
6. You're done!


Please note a convenience fee for electronic credit card municipal government services will be added at a 3% fee per transaction charge as mandated by Montana Code Annotated 7-5-4125.

Fill Out the form below. Please note there is a 3% fee per transaction to pay online.

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Use the calculator below here to add the 3% online payment fee to the amount before hitting continue.

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**If the 3% fee is not added to your payment amount it will be deducted from your payment.

**Please review information before clicking Continue.


Pay Utility Bills Online

Click on the buttons below to pay your utility bills online at Blackfoot Telephone Ebill service, and Northwestern Energy Online Bill Pay system.

You will need to create an online account to use these services.

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